Create a Multiple Compost Bin System for Efficient Composting, by Huw Richards

Building your own compost bay is actually simple. Let's see how Huw did it.

Building your own compost bay is actually simple. Let’s see how Huw did it.

Thanks to Huw Richards for sharing his wisdom and knowledge! I wrote the following notes watching the video published on Huw Richards’s channel.

You can watch the vlog using this YouTube link.

It’s as easy as tying them together

Tied pallets at the top and the bottom

You can find pallets for free at the back of supermarkets, or you could ask your neighbors: maybe one works where they have pallets to throw.

Then, either:

  • use a string to tie the bottom and top of each pallet
  • use a wire if you want the structure to last. It would be the only purchase if you find free pallets.

A setup like this required 12 pallets.

Filling up the bins

You proceed in lasagna-style:

  • you add a layer of green
  • then you add a layer of brown

Huw covers the full bins with a fabric piece when it’s filled.

The rotation technique

A view of the bins from above them

Huw explains that, given you have enough materials to fill in the bins, you fill in each bin to the top sequentially, as shown above.

By the time you come back to the first bin, you will have used up the compost created in it.

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