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Getting information from JWT in C#

JWT authentication is a token-based stateless authentication mechanism. It is popularly used as a client-side-based stateless session and it is typically encoded & signed. But how do you decode it? Let’s look at this.

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Making your own gemmotherapy

To prepare for winter, you need to start in the spring. As a family, we gave gemmotherapy a try for the first time in 2023. Here’s how and what we learned.

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How update state on interval in Vue

As I learnt about Vue.js and coding applications with the framework, I learnt about updating on intervals the components I dealt with. Let’s see how it works with a detailed example.

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Functional components in Vue

I discovered functional components while training for the level 1 certification of Vue.js. While I might not use it every day as it is very verbose, I’d like to share an example in this article.