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Taking notes from the large amount of worthwhile vlogs to watch needs time. I’m doing it because I want to learn more about the topics of web technologies, health, permaculture & more. If you want to thank me through a participation, it will be highly appreciated and it will help provide more content to you, dear reader.

When I started this blog, I had a goal in mind: take notes as much as I can to be able to build a knowledge base for my family’s projects towards more autonomy in many areas of life.

I discovered many awesome authors and individuals throughout the years and YouTube provides a lot of opportunities to learn.

From Charles Dowding to Huw Richards in the UK to Damien Dekarz and Kévin from the channel Comme un pingouin dans le désert, we can watch and learn from more 3000 vlogs.

Primarily, I offer here a summary of those vlogs in a written form. You will learn as much as if you had watched the whole vlog but spending half the time.

I always provide the link to the vlog so you’re free to watch it and I include a lot of graphic assets of the vlog to provide context, always to the credit of the original author.

Now, if you like what I do and think it’s worth your support, you can take one of the following actions.

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