Who am I?

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Jeremie climbing the Kandersteg's viaferrata

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Everyone has a story. This is mine. So far.

I have created this website to record notes and experiences worth sharing because I had a ahhh moment.


In 2009, I started my career. From Trust5 in Ireland to Conduent Business Solutions in France, I am passionate about improving the daily life of businesses, individuals and more through web-based applications and services.

I have acquired a wide range of skills in software development for the Web and I thrive to learn new tricks every day.

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What will you find here

Among those topics:

  • Web fundamentals
  • Course review I have taken
  • Software product review I have used
  • Web development tips
  • Work organisation

And also my hobbies

Outside of the software engineering world, I am learning more and more to have a sustainable lifestyle, for me and my family.

Also, I will review products I have purchased and used for a long time as well as those I wouldn't recommend.

It includes and is not limited to:

  • Awareness about health and diet
  • Use of energy
  • Gardening
  • Product reviews that I have purchased once or more

What else

With my lovely wife and real twin girls, we live in the beautiful Rhone valley in the south of France.

From left to right: Alyssia, Aurélie, Jérémie, Léyla
From left to right: Alyssia, Aurélie, Jérémie, Léyla

We own 2 sheep (to mow the grass):

The twin girls feed the twin sheep
The twin girls feed the twin sheep

And three cats:

The mother comfortably sleeping
The mother comfortably sleeping
Moustache looks at you
Moustache looks at you
Luna grins
Luna grins

Finally, I am bicycling to work daily, with almost 100.000 km travelled since september 2007.

What about you?

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