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Use the proper type when typing a prop in Vue.js

TypeScript enables you to learn every line of code you write. Here is another tip about typing adequately the props with Vue 3.

Once again, I didn’t take me long to understand what I was missing, as ESLint errors are explicit.

I encountered this when I was coding the lesson 35 of the masterclass about Vue.js provided by the awesome team of

When you type a prop, don’t use String but use string primitive type.

The first is a wrapper object, but to make ESLint happy, you must use the primitive.

For example, you should avoid this declaration:

const props = defineProps<{ id?: String; edit?: boolean }>();

//eslint will complain on ``
if ( {
  return getUserById(;

The same goes for:

  • number and Number.
  • boolean and Boolean.
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