How to reduce one's exposition to blue light

This will help you a lot if you spend a lot of time in front of a screen

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Do you know about the blue light

Nowadays, it’s everywhere: personal computers, smartphones, tablets…

It isn’t healthy for your health, because it affects your vision first and then your mind and concentration and much more.

You can read this Haward School article to know more.

How to adjust blue light on Windows 10

It’s easy, you just need to activate Night time.

Once activated, you can adjust the intensity: personally, I set it to 50.

Do you see the difference?

Image with night-time disabled

Image with night-time enabled

How to adjust blue light on Android

On Android, at least on version 10, we have what we call Eye Comfort.

It works similarly to Windows 10:

  • you activate the option
  • you adjust it: personally, I set to the maximum!

Android setup of the parameter

You might also notice that I use the <em>Dark mode</em>.

That also helps, but not everyone likes it. It’s a matter of taste..


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