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Do we need the coronavirus to reduce our impact on our environment?

Or is it something that is under our noses?

Air and Noice pollution have decreased

Some of the media in France are starting after a week of lockdown to notice that the pollution levels (noise, air, light) have significantly decreased. It seems that in Lyon, the air quality has never been so good than now!

Air quality in Lyon on 24/03/2020 (source)

Air quality for the last 10 days in Lyon (source)

Air quality in Grenoble on 24/03/2020 (source)

Air quality for the last 10 days in Grenoble (source)

Is that a surprise?

To me, if you tell people to stay home, not only you will reduce the amount of time spent in the car (air pollution) which generate a lot of noise from the occasional horns and just the fact of driving (noise pollution). So, no it is not a surprise. In my neighborhood, we can hear the different (and we don’t live in a big city).

Are people aware of the change?

It depends on what they are doing. Yes, lockdown means you stay home. Period. Those in cities might not have a balcony, nor a private garden. So they might not even breathe the renewed, clean air from outside (you should if you are not). If most of the population doesn’t become aware of the benefits of reduced use of gasoline-powered transportation, what lessons are we going to learn about the current situation? That the media are very much hyped about the coronavirus? That you might die from it?

Have you wondered about what really kills people for years?

In There’s an Epidemic That’s a Bigger Threat Than the Coronavirus, Dr. David L. Katz reminds us that diet-related diseases kill thousands every year.

Poor overall diet quality is the single leading cause of premature death in the United States today, causing an estimated 500,000 or so deaths each year.

Did you know that? Do you think it is a fad? If so, why? I have been improving my diet for the past 10 years now and, not only did I lose a significant amount of weight, but also I learn to pick better sources: I choose the organic products rather the regular ones when it is something that is not produced in my area. I purchase food from local farmer markets, which I admit are numerous in the Rhone Valley. I refrain from purchasing goods in supermarkets whenever possible.

Photo by Ashley Winkler on Unsplash

The result from my own experience: a couple of running nose and coughing per year. However, I cannot guarantee that perfect diet (what is it in the first place?) will immune you from Coronavirus but it can help. Do you allow for the possibility that it can? Now, I might be lashed on for the following but I want to get out: what about smoking or substance abuse? Are you going to tell me that it doesn’t: Cause more death every year than Coronavirus? Cause economic stress on our society because of the expensive cancer treatments? Numb the mind in a way that we can’t feel what’s around us and loose the contact with the people and the nature? Maybe, before complaining about how the governments are going to ask us to give to climb back the economic ladder, what can YOU do to reduce the economic and health stress in your life?

What can we do after Coronavirus?

Wake up? Stop dreaming? Take care of what you have been given? It is simpler than we think. Pause and look around you. Some people take a car to go to work when they live 3 kilometers from work. Why? Some people eat sugar-loaded food that they know (because they tell me) is bad for them. Why? Because we have to die from something? Well, is that case, I leave the question hanging: is Coronavirus that bad?

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