Charles standing in the small garden

A Small Garden in July, by Charles Dowding

What is happening in the small garden of Charles Dowding in mid-July 2019?

What is happening in the small garden of Charles Dowding in mid-July 2019?

Thanks to Charles Dowding for sharing his wisdom and knowledge! I wrote the following notes watching the video published on Charles Dowding’s channel.

You can watch it using this YouTube link.

A lot of second planting happened already.

In the first row

Harvested red spring onions

And some crops are finishing like Lilla onions, that can’t be stored unfortunately.

Multi-sown leaks

Leaks were planted a month ago, to take over from spinach.

Beetroots sown early July

Just after that, beetroots followed the harvest of early potatoes.

The harvest of potatoes

In the second row

In place of the early lettuces (which gave out many kilograms of food), carrots were sown.

New carrots sown

Charles recommends

To harvest lettuce, Charles picks only the outer leaves so that the lettuce keep on producing and it helps the lettuce not to bolt.

New lettuces

The above lettuces were sown on the 1st of July and planted the 24th of July.

In the same row, Charles planted kale, the Cavolo Nero kind. They will crop up in the fall and maybe even through the winter.

Cavolo Nero kale

The kale replaced the early carrots, that gave out 4 kg of crops on mid-July.

Safari French beans

To finish the row, Charles planted French beans, following the radishes and garlic as first crops.

Radish interplanted between garlic

Charles planted French beans in between the garlic and radishes, always optimizing the space.

Rabbit protection

Rabbits love young leaves and Charles uses a winter mesh to protect the crops.

In the third row

More carrots, that replaced early beetroot, were sown.

Peas grown for shoots

Peas for shoots were replaced by Swedes (Gowrie kind).

Growrie Swedes

About Swede and insects

The Swedes require a mesh one to prevent the summer insects to infest the crops.

Swede affected by insects

If you don’t, the Swedes will fork and they won’t taste as good.

Next, Charles planted some summer crops, like:

  • peppers Augsburger pepper

  • aubergines

  • dwarf ground cherry (Physalis)

  • regular tomatoes Crimson crush tomatoes f1

  • cherry tomatoes

  • Sungold tomatoes f1

Tomatoes were planted in between spinach a few months back, always using the space when it’s available.

At the end of summer, Charles will draw lines between the tomatoes to grow the next spinach, always having something to grow.


The takeaway is that you can:

  • use the space when available,
  • plan to sow and plant using a plan.
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