5 Ways to Break Down and Use Wood Chips, by Charles Dowding

Jeremie Litzler
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Thanks to Charles Dowding for sharing his wisdom and knowledge! I wrote the following notes watching the video published on Charles Dowding's channel. You can watch it using this YouTube linkopen in new window.

Johnson-Su bioreactor

It is used to decompose the wood chips by using this system and making sure the wood chip are properly watered.

The wood chips are not acidic according Charles and I have found that to be true as well.

If the wood chips are dried, they won't decompose as fast.

Since Charles is the no-dig advocate, he doesn't bury the wood chips and he warms us that if you dig and burry the wood chips, they will suck the nitrogen out of the rooting zone and it will be bad for your plants and vegetables.

On the surface, it is fine because the plants and vegetables will set their root under the wood chips.

He uses a loanmower to the break down the wood chips after 4-6 months of winter decomposing.

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