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Note: H1 is included in the frontmatter, property title. Check out the VuePress docsopen in new window.

Titre H2

Titre H3

Titre H4

Titre H5

A paragraph: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer dignissim dui et orci vehicula pellentesque. Mauris ac porta nulla. Vivamus scelerisque imperdiet metus, non egestas ipsum scelerisque a. Maecenas quis blandit dui, viverra scelerisque libero. Duis ac neque nisl. Nulla interdum leo quam, eu blandit leo cursus in. Fusce aliquet lobortis dui, ut varius ligula mollis ut. In a lorem at enim viverra consectetur luctus a diam. Praesent at justo eu ex fringilla tempus nec vel velit. Integer nec suscipit lectus. Nullam sem neque, ullamcorper sit amet viverra in, gravida id ante. Duis cursus aliquet massa.

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A markdown linkopen in new window.

An image

An image
An image

A bullet list

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
    • Item 2.1
    • Item 2.2
  • Item 3

A short quote

A short quote of a few words

A long quote

Quoting text multilines.

And more of the same quote that is long and allows to test how the text wraps in the width of the container.

A quote of a quote (double level)

first level of quote

A double level quote that is long and allows to test how the text wraps in the width of the container.

And first level again

Code highlighting

import React from 'react';
import uniquePropHOC from './lib/unique-prop-hoc';

// this comment is here to demonstrate an extremely long line length, well beyond what you should probably allow in your own code, though sometimes you'll be highlighting code you can't refactor, which is unfortunate but should be handled gracefully

class Expire extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = { component: props.children };
  componentDidMount() {
    setTimeout(() => {
        component: null,
    }, this.props.time || this.props.seconds * 1000);
  render() {
    return this.state.component;

export default uniquePropHOC(['time', 'seconds'])(Expire);

Special styles

A block quote with strikethrough and a URL: See hereopen in new window.


Col 1Col 2Col 3
ValueVery long valueSo long that it will scroll horizontally? I hope so!

Check out the source on GitHubopen in new window.

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