Gardening in February 2023

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February 12th

The last few days were quite cold (down to -4 °C) and the garlic, even the ones not covered, are doing well.

This sunday morning, the broad beans are not doing great despite the fleece.

However, with the warmth of the afternoon, they regained some strength.

Fingers crossed, they will survive.

We planted a cherry tree, grown from seed also, where we used to have a raised bed.

I dug deep, so, like the apple tree, with proper watering this summer, it should survive.

Add picture from March 5th

We also planted a kiwi vine (Issai kind) where we tried to grow a female kiwi vine in 2018. This one is self-reproducing so maybe, we will have fruits soon.

Finally, we planted a thornfree blackberry vine near the almond tree. The girls are excited!

February 19th

Awesome! Tons (I mean at least 3 trailers full) of fragmented wood is available at Saint-Jean-de-Muzols's park. I already picked up 1 trailer. Tomorrow, I'll pick as much as available and we will complete the alleys 😊

In the garden, garlic is coming out where we usually plant the tomatoes. Great news!

February 20th

Finally, I picked up 4 trailer full of this fragmented wood, which helped me finish covering the alleys I needed.

I have got the equivalent of 2 trailers left to use. I'm sure I'll find a use for them.

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