A Look at 5 Year Old Leaf Compost - And the Importance of Healthy Soil, by Huw Richards

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A wheelbarrow full of 5 years leaf mold
Credits: image taken from Huw Richards's vlog

Leaf mold is a brown gold that is easy to make, given you wait that it decomposes over a year or two.

Thanks to Huw Richards for sharing his wisdom and knowledge! I wrote the following notes watching the video published on Huw Richards's channel.

You can watch the vlog using this YouTube linkopen in new window.

Making good leaf mold

It is easier to decompose leaves if they are shredded.

It is only a matter of time: the finer the leaves are, the quicker they will decompose.

What do you get after 5 years

You get a very fine and soft texture that is really a good material to start seedlings.

It is not really good to retain the water, though.

It is a great example how nature work and how you work with it.

If you understand the soil and you can enrich it, you will find the way to grow stronger and more producing vegetables.

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