You can compost all weeds, by Charles Dowding

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Two persons sorting a pallet compost heap
Two persons sorting a pallet compost heap

Thanks to Charles Dowding for sharing his wisdom and knowledge! I wrote the following notes watching the video published on Charles Dowding's channel. You can watch it using this YouTube linkopen in new window.

Can you put weeds in your compost heap

Yes. Even the ones with seeds.

What is the catch

To kill the seeds, you will have to heat above 50-55°C to prevent the seeds to germinate.

But the roots or leaves on weeds don't.

How do you heat a compost

You follow the proper ratio of fresh green and carbon materials with enough water (but not too much) until the compost is ready.

Tip from Charles

To keep the warmth in a pallet heap, put cardboard around the inside of the heap.

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